20 Must Have Gifts For The Early Tech Adopter

Being a newcomer in the world of technology, surrounded by different tech gadgets and tech-savvy people who are driven toward them. Being new to all these things, we find operating them a little bit tricky. And we even got stuck in a dilemma about what to choose as per our needs. Another major problem we face while thinking of buying them is price ranges which we usually find high most of the time. Therefore, to ease your tech shopping, here you have your best friend, “Compare Prices.” 

The “Comparedude” helps to compare prices of a single product at different online shopping sites. Along with providing discount offers to save your money while buying tech products. Moreover, if you are a little worried about which tech gadget you should buy that fits your requirements and is even easy to use? Then, you must look at the information below, occupying primary information on the top 20 tech gadgets that you must have as a beginner.   

1. A Smart Stocking Stuffer

A smart stocking stuffer

The first we have on the list is a “Smart Stocking Stuffer” that comes in a pack of four, making it a smart choice. So basically, TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Slim is a combination of all much required best features. A few of them are energy monitoring, reliable control & scheduling, and vacation mode. All at an affordable price range and in a small portable size. 

After having a portable size, this smart plug doesn’t block the surrounding outlet after plugging in. Moreover, buying this smart plug would be worth it if you are looking for an entire strip of smart outlets. Suppose you want to get this smart stocking stuffer at a lesser price. In that case, you must check available discount offers at compare dude websites to compare price in USA.

2. All-Star Earbuds

All-star earbuds

There’s a crowd of hundreds of wireless earbuds available in the market. But we people search for something that provides exceptional results and even stands out on our expectations. Therefore, we have the Soundcore Space A40 that comes along with its accessible and user-friendly features. When it comes to its features, the very basic thing these wireless earbuds provide is great sound quality, 10-hour battery backup, and excellent noise cancellation. Plus, it provides a wireless charging case and a comfortable fit. So if you, too, are a big fan of listening to music and podcasts, you must bring it now.

3. Make any Photo an Instant Photo

Make any photo an instant photo

Another tech gadget we have are evergreen instant cameras and photos made by different brands like Fujifilm. Using it makes it easy for people to print any photo on your camera roll. In order to get better results, you must give a try to “Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2,” which has the ability to print consistently beautiful images. Even images that are slightly smaller than a credit card can be taken by using it. Surprisingly, the size of a device itself is nearly the size of a portable hard drive.

Moreover, the fun fact is that it comes in different color ranges, such as pink, white, and black. Furthermore, it hardly takes five minutes to set up, which enables you to take printing photos faster. You can even compare prices of the same product from different online shopping sites at one “Comparedude” online site. 

4. A Mechanical Keyboard for Beginners

A mechanical keyboard for beginners

Are you involved in a habit or work that requires much typing? Then, who can be your best friend than a first mechanical keyboard? Therefore, here we have two options, the first one is the tenkeyless Keychron C1, and the second one is Keychron C2 (its full-size version). Regarding its features, basically, it has better quality keys that let you experience a better typing experience. Plus, an essence of elegance in its design, which is hard to find at this reasonable price range. 

Both tenkeyless Keychron C1 and Keychron C2 work compatibly with devices like Windows and Mac. They even give an option to easily switch out the keycaps to use the keyboard in a more personalized way. Although it’s already available at a reasonable price range, you can still reduce its price. Only by switching to “Comparedude” where you can practice price compare of products. 

5. For the Artist who’s Going Digital

For the artist who’s going digital

Being an artist, if you plan to go digital, try your hands on the Wacom Intuos. You will always be able to carry it easily. As it comes in a portable shape & size that makes it convenient to carry anywhere. And even to put it on a desk, you will find it easy when it comes to connecting to your PC via USB. Most amazingly, this Wacom Intuos tablet comes with a few free software trials. 

So you can initially practice painting, drawing, and photo editing for free. Moreover, it comes along with a battery-free stylus with three extra nibs. You might need to familiarize yourself with the options to customize settings like the pen and tablet buttons in the Wacom Intuos tablet. Sounds amazing, right? If yes, then bring it now to your home after a quick investigation and price compare on the “comparedude” website. 

6. Affordable Wired Earbuds

Affordable wired earbuds

Even after the huge expansion of wireless earbuds, some people are still drawn towards wired earbuds. Apart from following the conventional way of enjoying soundtracks on these wired earbuds. You can try a new cool pair of wired earbuds by “Moondrop Quarks.” Which are very promising for providing better sound at an affordable price range. You can even consider these earbuds great for taking phone calls. Moreover, it is advised to only opt for the upgraded pair of wired earbuds. Also, your upgraded version of earbuds must have the added in-line remote and microphone within it.

7. A Retro-Looking FM Radio with Bluetooth

A Retro-Looking FM Radio with Bluetooth

Are you still a big fan of listening to your favorite FM stations on radios? And what if you get that radio into a stylish design along with a new tabletop radio? Definitely, it will rock; therefore, here we have the sleek Victrola Houston radio. Which is not just even good when it comes to its appearance but also has an impressive sound quality. Moreover, it works at the receipt front, which becomes possible due to its retractable antenna. You will even find it less static if you see other expensive models available in the market. Now, this is something new, which is Bluetooth capabilities that allow it to double as a speaker. However, the only downside you will find in it is the AM radio, which needs to be added.

8. Our Favorite E-reader

Our Favorite e-reader

Are you surrounded by kids and people who are drawn towards reading e-books on an everyday basis? If yes, then the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Kids (11th generation) will work best for you. Besides, the ebook reader by Amazon is very easy to carry as it is light in weight and small in size. But the screen size it has is the same as the regular Kindle. Unlike the regular Kindle, it comes with an extra year warranty of two years instead of two. Moreover, it will cost you around $25 less if you buy it at the time of publication. But the downside is that some features that come into the standard Kindle aren’t offered in the Kid’s version. 

However, having those features is unimportant to enjoying all the offered Kindle services. The more a reader can find in Kindle by Amazon are partnerships that allow you to check library ebooks or Bluetooth to listen to audiobooks. And also an impressive catalog of books available inbuilt into Amazon itself. If you find it a little expensive, check out and compare price in USA only at the “Comparedude” website.

9. Photo Viewing Made Easy

Photo viewing made easy

We all like keeping memories in the form of photos from the beginning of the 1990s. But now the time has changed as we people prefer having digital photo frames. Whether it’s grandparents, parents, loved ones, or friends. Besides, it is known to be the best gift to give if you are a travel lover and enjoy keeping family photos. Therefore, here you have the “Aura Mason” digital frame, which even enables easy photo uploading along with fantastic photo quality. Surprisingly, it also provides security backups for the uploaded photos. Moreover, not only you, it allows many other people as well to add photos to your digital frame. So grab it now at comparedude after a compare prices of same product from different shopping sites.           

10. An All-in-one Record Player

An all-in-one record player

Are you still obsessed with making memories by recording them on a video player? If yes, don’t forget to try on the Angels Horn H019 record player. If you don’t know, this one is popular nowadays for its all-in-one turntable specification. Using it eases the complexities of organizing the separate pieces of a turntable, which lets you set it up. Moreover, it comes with a beautiful appearance. And also along with an impressive sound if you have an all-in-one system. Last is an inbuilt Bluetooth capability to take your unlimited favorite records anytime. So don’t wait to grab it now, only at the “Comparedude” site. 

11. A Compact Bedside Display

A compact bedside display

We all want an updater next to our bed, before going to bed and after waking up in the morning. Therefore, we have the “Nest Hub Google,” which is always ready to keep beside our bed. Don’t worry, as its small, 7-inch display body doesn’t take up too much space when it comes to placing it. Moreover, it comes with a camera-free design, making it an additional number of additions. Besides, you will see a little circle at the top, which is basically a light sensor. It works to ensure the brightness of the display should not be blaring in a dark room. 

The most exceptional thing about this product is that it mainly focuses on sleep. Along with concentrating, it even provides a report on how well they slept last night after a few minutes of calibration. The other smart feature the Nest Hub packs provides you is Google’s voice assistant, which provides weather and calendar updates. Plus, it has smart-home control and music & video streaming features. So, if you are looking for a better alarm clock, a sleep tracker, and a handy assistant, get it now.

12. A Basic iPhone Case that Does the Most

A basic iPhone case that does the most

The iPhone cases by Smartish Gripmunk are not just iPhone cases, as they are much more than that. Besides, calling them a shelter to keep your iPhones is not enough. The fact is there are a lot of benefits that you can have, such as durability, protectiveness, customization, etc. Moreover, the Smartish Gripmunk’s Amazon listing has a secret menu along with a wholesome pattern. That you can have it printed on the back of your case. It is highly recommended to visit Smartish’s website, where you can upload your own images or text or create a personalized gift.

Furthermore, you can get these cases available in every iPhone model number. Now, you must have it if you are an iPhone user. Hence, jump onto the “comparedude,” which is a website that compares prices.

13. For the Sonos Fan

For the Sonos fan

Another tech gadget is the Sonos Roam, which makes you a true party animal. These speakers are entirely worth it as they are easy to set up. Besides, it comes with Bluetooth connectivity, making it your true travel partner. Plus, it also has a very helpful waterproof design quality. Apart from Bluetooth connectivity, it also allows you to connect via Wi-Fi support. So you can automatically join a Sonos multi-room system whenever you return back to your home. Moreover, you can consider them more like smart speakers as they provide connectivity either via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. 

14. An Easy Charge

An easy charge

People always need to be charged batteries as we need our phones to do a lot of work. Therefore, to fulfill this endless requirement, here you have the Belkin Boost Charge Wireless Charging Stand 10W. It is known to be the fastest-ever model, having the ability to charge common smartphones up to 50% within an hour. Moreover, it comes along with a stand that allows you to use your smartphone. Even if it’s charging, it will definitely be more appreciated by people who feel restricted by wired charging cables. So to keep yourself always high on power, buy it today from the “comparedude” online shopping site. The best part is that you can practice Price Compare from online shopping sites here.  

15. A Must-Have for the Forgetful

A must-have for the forgetful

Due to nowadays workaholic work culture, we people have become very busy. And consequently, we all need to be more mindful and responsible towards our little thing. Even if it’s about our little keys, whether it is a car or a house, both play a major role in life. But it becomes harder to find our keys after losing them. Therefore, we have associate staff writer Haley Perry, who has a Bluetooth tracker attached to her keys. That makes finding or tracking your keys or other little items easy. However, being an iPhone owner, don’t forget to get the Apple AirTag. It has a massive network of nearby Apple devices to help find the item. Remember, whenever the AirTag is within the iPhone’s Bluetooth range, it will automatically pinpoint the item within inches. Furthermore, the rest of other Android users can opt for the latest model by Tile Mate. 

16. A Driver’s Assistant

A driver’s assistant

Keeping in contact with people we usually need daily is a primary need with which we people can’t compromise. Therefore, you can opt for a wireless charging phone mount as a resolution. You can even give it to your driver; hence it reduces the worry about the directions and charging cords. You can use it by mounting it on the dashboard, air-conditioner vent, or in a CD-slot base. Consequently, you will get the easiest driving experience after switching to the iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless 2 Dash & Windshield Mount. The best part is that it keeps your phone from jostling while driving. You can consider it to be one of the preferred wireless charging phone mounts for cars available on “comparedude.”  

17. A Small but Mighty Speaker

A small but mighty speaker

The next we have on the list of tech gadgets for beginners are portable Bluetooth speakers by Ears Wonderboom 2. Besides, it comes in a very small size, which you can fit easily anywhere, along with the water-resistant quality feature. You will find it likable by the Kids and adults in our surroundings. Apart from aesthetics and ruggedness, the Ears Wonderboom 2 speaker creates a very nice and loud sound. Moreover, it easily connects with any tablet, smartphone, or PC without any assistance from an app. 

18. The Drone for Beginners

The drone for beginners

It’s no longer difficult to fulfill your fly-high dream, as you can turn this into reality via the DJI Tello drone. It can work best for beginners as it is very cheap. But even after the low prices, it is not restricted to a limited number of features. It comes with a 5-megapixel, 720p camera and advanced autonomous videography modes. If you don’t know, they can hardly be found only on expensive models. Moreover, the drone by DJI Tello has a 13-minute battery life that works for longer hours. So order your fly high drone from “comparedude” only after practicing price compare on it.   

19. The Best Headphones for Kids

The Best Headphones for Kids

Undoubtedly, kids have more sensitive ears and hearing, which can weaken after hearing the headphone’s sound. Therefore, here you have the “Puro Sound Labs BT2200” headphones having Bluetooth connectivity. Using it gives your kids a great experience of listening to music and watching movies or audiobooks on their tech devices. Moreover, these headphones provide your kids volume-limited to a safe 85 decibels (unlike many of the kid’s headphones we tested), and they can work with or without the cord. Plus, the ear cups come in a padded form, which is soft, squishy, and comfortable while wearing. 

20. A Handy Tripod

A handy tripod

Are you fond of videos, time lapses, and low-light photos? If yes, then the flexible one “Joby GorillaPod 1K Kit” is highly recommended for you. You will find it useful in many ways and situations. Moreover, it comes along with a small build and moldable legs, so you can effortlessly backpack it. And even bring on road trips in no time, best workable for taking timed group shots or selfies. Furthermore, it’s videographing and other qualities make it your true travel partner. So, without further delay, grab it now at the lowest price range from your preferred shopping site, only at “comparedude.”

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