How to Remove Microsoft’s New Copilot AI from Windows 11

The choice to remove Microsofts new Copilot AI from Windows 11 is based on individual preferences and specific needs. Users may opt to disable Copilot for reasons such as privacy concerns, resource optimization, simplicity, personal preferences, or the desire for more control. Privacy is a significant factor, with users worrying about AI access to system settings and content. Copilot’s resource consumption may prompt its removal for improved performance. Moreover, some prefer a less intrusive computing environment, while personal preferences play a role. 

If you remove Microsofts new Copilot AI from Windows 11, it might offer control over the computing experience. But still, it’s designed to enhance productivity. Microsoft’s Copilot, powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, is a useful feature. Furthermore, Windows 11 Pro users can disable it via Group Policy Editor. In contrast, others use the Windows Registry Editor, an advanced process requiring caution. The decision should align with individual needs, potential development, and preferences.

Step-By-Step Guide: Removing Copilot AI From Microsoft's Windows 11

If you wish to disable or remove Microsofts new Copilot AI from Windows 11, you have several options. Moreover, while buying tech gadgets, visiting “Compare Dude” may help you the best as you can compare prices there. Therefore, here, we’ll elaborate on the steps for each method:

Method 1: Removing the Copilot Icon from the Taskbar

This strategy permits you to stow away the Copilot symbol from the taskbar. Yet, it will, in any case, be open utilizing the Windows + C alternate route. This is the way to make it happen:

  1. Open Settings:
  • Firstly, click the Start button or use the keyboard shortcut “Windows + i” to open the “Settings” app. Before you proceed further with disabling Microsoft’s new Copilot AI from Windows 11.
  1. Access Personalization:
  • Now, to remove Microsofts new Copilot AI from Windows 11, you need to jump into the Settings app. And then click on “Personalization” on the left side.
  1. Disable Copilot:
  • Look for the toggle named “Copilot (preview).” Toggle it off. Henceforth, this action will remove the Copilot icon from the taskbar. And that’s how you can remove Copilot from your PC by following method 1.  

Method 2: Completely Disabling Copilot via Group Policy Editor (Windows 11 Pro)

Here, we have another method to remove Microsofts new Copilot AI from Windows 11. This technique is appropriate for Windows 11 Genius clients who must handicap Copilot completely, which can let loose framework assets. This is the way to make it happen:

  1. Access Group Policy Editor:
  • Firstly, click the “Windows” key, type “Group Policy Editor,” or simply “gpedit” option. Then, click the “Edit group policy” icon to disable Microsoft’s new Copilot AI from Windows 11.
  1. Navigate to Copilot Settings:
  • In the Group Policy Editor, navigate to “User Configuration” > “Administrative Templates” > “Windows Components” > “Windows Copilot.”
  1. Disable Copilot:
  • Firstly, double-click on the “Turn off Windows Copilot” option. Thus, you can open a dialogue box.
  • Afterwards, select the “Enabled” radio button at the top left.
  • Further, click “Apply” and then “OK” to save your changes.
  1. Restart Your PC:
  • To apply the changes, it’s advisable to restart your PC. Hence, you can remove Microsofts new Copilot AI from Windows 11 using another method. 

Method 3: Completely Disabling Copilot via Registry Editor (Windows 11 Home and other editions)

This method to remove Microsoft’s new Copilot AI from Windows 11 involves editing the Windows Registry. Which is more advanced and requires caution. Therefore, ensure to back up your data before making changes or uninstall Copilot Windows 11. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Access Registry Editor:

To remove Microsofts new Copilot AI from Windows 11, begin by pressing the “Windows” key. Further, type “Registry Editor” or “Regedit” and click on “Registry Editor.” Moreover, you may need to accept User Account Control (UAC) prompts.

  1. Create Registry Keys:
  • Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows.
  • Further, right-click, choose “Edit,” and select “New” > “Key.” And then, name it “WindowsCopilot.”
  • Within the “WindowsCopilot” key, right-click, choose “Edit,” and select “New” > “DWORD (32-bit) Value.” Name it “TurnOffWindowsCopilot.”
  1. Set Registry Values:
  • Firstly, double-click the “TurnOffWindowsCopilot” option. And then, set the value to “1” with a base of “Hexadecimal.” Now, carry onwards with the next step to remove Microsofts new Copilot AI from Windows 11. 
  1. Repeat for Local Machine:
  • Search for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows and repeat the same key creation and value setting steps.
  1. Restart Your PC or Explorer:
  • Lastly, restart your PC or use the Assignment Director to remove Copilot from your PC. Thus, you can restart the Windows Traveler errand to apply the changes.

You can likewise make a .reg document with the given content to robotize these means. Moreover, remember that Windows Copilot is a developing element, and its abilities might change over the long run. If you’re uncertain about crippling it, you can investigate its capabilities and decide whether it aligns with your requirements before rolling out any improvements.


The decision to remove Microsofts new Copilot AI from Windows 11 depends on individual preferences and needs. Users may opt to disable it due to privacy concerns, resource optimization, or a preference for a simpler computing environment. The step-by-step guide provides clear instructions for both Windows 11 Pro and Home users, ensuring they have the choice to either hide or uninstall Copilot Windows 11 based on their specific requirements. However, it’s important to consider that Copilot is designed to enhance productivity, and its features may evolve over time. Users should explore its functions and determine whether it aligns with their needs before removing it.

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