Top 20 Eco-Friendly Products

Refraining from using plastic products within a night is challenging. However, it is possible to switch our lifestyle towards using eco friendly products as much as we can. You can better understand it as an awakening call required to mend things. If we see nowadays or recent affairs, we mostly get general awareness regarding the problem of plastic pollution. Due to this, we are losing around one million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals in the ocean. And only 12% of all plastic waste has yet to be recycled. Which doesn’t sound good in itself, and even it’s showing results in the form of BPA. 

Don’t worry; you don’t freak out, as this can still become better by adding or replacing some with eco friendly products. Moreover, the list can be better recognized as the best eco-friendly products to use in 2023. Using these recycled plastic products, you can eliminate the use of single plastic. More precisely, the information below is divided into seven categories so you can understand it better. In order to grab information on these categories and their sub-categories, stay tuned.        

First: Zero Waste Shopping Gear

The very first category that stands out as the best eco-friendly products to use in 2023 belongs to “Zero Waste Shopping Gear.” Basically, this category highlights the plastic waste that is wasted whenever we go shopping. But thanks to a huge lifesaver, friendly products play a vital role in decluttering all these plastic shopping plastic bags. Moreover, to buy online products that are eco-friendly in nature, you can opt for Onya, popular for making reusable bags. And don’t worry, as these bags are made of rPET fabric. Which is made from recycled BPA-free plastic drink bottles. 

1. Reusable Produce Bags

The primary one is the award-winning “Reusable Produce Bags,” which are one of the eco friendly products available at Onya. Moreover, using the Reusable Produce Bags by Onya extinct the need to use and throw the produce bags from the grocery store. But switching to reusable produce bags by “Onya” will never make you throw away a plastic produce bag again. Plus, they also possess the ability to let water and air through. So you can wash your fruits and veggies in the bags when you return home.

2. Reusable Bulk Food Bags

If you purchase food weekly or monthly, then the “Reusable Bulk Food Bags” by “Onya” are meant for you. If you don’t know, these “Reusable Bulk Food Bags” help carry their bulky food purchases home. Besides the food purchases, you can even carry heavy jars and canisters in this bag; while going shopping.

Moreover, in the range of bulk food bag sets by “Onya,” you can even get sizes. And these can be small, medium, and large bulk food bags along with complementary bulk food shopping totes and carrying cases. It also gives you the option to customize your bag size as per your needs if you Buy Online Products

3. Reusable Shopping Bags

The last “eco-friendly products in use” that lies in this category is “reusable shopping bags.” So you can avoid taking plastic shopping bags from the grocery store that produce waste. Even more than a single use of plastic produce bags. The best thing about these plastic bags by “Onya” is that they come along with an attached pouch. So you can carry other items along with groceries which promotes eliminating plastic bags even more effectively. 

Second: Ethical Personal Accessories

Our second category is “Ethical Personal Accessories,in which you may find many products are made of virgin or organic materials. Moreover, you don’t need to consider yourself unlucky as plenty of eco friendly products exist. That is available to buy online products at both stylish and sustainable fronts.

4. Recycled Ocean Plastic Eyewear

It is an Italian-designed eyewear brand named “Sea2see” that helps in saving the environment. All they do is collect nets, ocean plastic waste, and ropes from fishing communities in Spain to make eyewear from them. Their usual goal is to collect around a tonne of plastic waste on another day. Moreover, they use plastic waste as the raw material for their eyeglasses. Also, Sea2see sold its remaining waste to other companies to use in different processes.

5. Recycled Plastic Backpack

Another one of the best eco friendly products by “Onya” is its Backpacks that are made up of rPET. It stands for “Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate,” which is a material created by single-use plastic drink bottles recycled into a fabric.

The most attractive you will find in these Backpacks are keyring size carry pouches. And the best thing is that it is already attached to it, making them great for travel lovers.

6. Eco-Friendly Phone Cases

The sixth of the best eco friendly products are eco-friendly phone cases. As we all know, the decluttered plastic waste of mobile devices and mobile cases is even more than people on earth. That’s why it became essential to make eco-friendly phone cases to save the environment. You can even consider it the best eco-friendly product to Use in 2023, as smartphones are today’s basic need. 

Third: Planet-Friendly Pet Accessories

If you don’t know, somehow or at some point, even pets and things related to them also impact our environment. But it doesn’t mean pets are a problem for our environment. You can still take care of them with the eco friendly products below to lower their impact.

7. Sustainable Cat Dish

Rather than using a plastic food container or dish, you can switch to an “Ecoware Cat Dish” by Van Ness. If you don’t know, it is crafted from 47% bamboo plant material, which improves its productivity by making it BPA-free and heavy metals or chemicals-free. The bamboo dishes appear shallow, making them wide enough for food. Plus, it comes along with a well-polished look that gives it a clean finish. Adding on, these bamboo dishes by Van Ness are unbreakable, which makes them perfect for daily use. 

8. Recycled Dog Collars and Leashes

Who can imagine that even dog collars and leashes can come as “Eco-Friendly Products in Use.” But, Anipal(Veterinary Initiative) has made it possible by creating sustainable pet products. Moreover, all they do to turn it into reality is take the environmental waste and use them to make dog collars and leashes. You have the choice to buy them individually or in bulk, as they are made up of recycled plastic bottles and brass hardware materials.

9. Recycled Plastic Chicken Barn

Most people like to have a mini poultry space of their own in the backyard of their house. So they will get fresh, organic, and untreated, so there are better ideas than keeping your chook in a plastic chicken barn. Therefore, as a resolution, Eartheasy has created a chicken coop made up of EcoFlex(A combination of recycled plastic and reclaimed wood). The best part is the warping, cracking, moisture, fading, and splintering. Moreover, these EcoFlex coops’ life is longer than wood as they don’t expand. 

Fourth: Reusable Beverage Containers and Accessories

Another category under the “Best Eco-Friendly Products to Use in 2023” category is “Reusable Beverage Containers and Accessories.” It promotes the decluttering of single-use of plastic bottles and cups that impacts major causes on our environment by increasing plastic waste. Therefore, you must add reusable bottles or cups to your daily life routine to create a major difference.

10. Reusable Coffee Cups and Lids

Undeniably, we will love having coffee many times daily, as it always keeps us awake. But have you ever thought about the waste generated by the use of single-use coffee cups, along with their lids? If not, then you must know that collectively it carries a large amount of unnecessary waste. Hence, it becomes necessary to use reusable, environmentally friendly coffee cups and drink bottles. So, an immense amount of single-use plastic waste can be reduced significantly.

11. Reusable Coffee Cups

These reusable coffee mugs by Onya’s must deserve plenty of space on your kitchen slab. The fact that makes them so special is their material quality which is made of 100% food-grade silicone. The nostalgic part is that using this coffee machine always makes you realize every day local coffee shops. So don’t wait; buy online products of reusable coffee mugs from Onya’s.    

12. Stainless Steel Drink Bottles

Next, Onya’s Stainless Steel Drink Bottles are on the eco friendly products list. People can use these Stainless Steel Drink Bottles on a daily basis as they are 100% BPA-free. Which makes them safer to use and sustainable for consuming your favorite beverages whenever you are out. Moreover, as per your needs, it has divided the bottle sizes into three sizes. 

Fifth: Low Impact Picnic, Camping, and Travel Products

We all love campaigning, tripping, and traveling, but we usually carry plastic products. Those are non-biodegradable and cause harm to our environment’s health. Therefore, here are three significant eco-friendly products in use for tripping. 

13. Sustainable Travel Towels

Don’t forget about your sustainable travel towel by “Evolve” while packing for your trip. If you don’t know, Evolve is famous for manufacturing fantastic and planet-saving eco friendly products. Moreover, the quality that stands out this product among others is that it is compact, lightweight, antimicrobial, and sand free. Another specification is that the travel towels by “Evolve” are made from recycled plastic bottles. And indeed, they donate 10% of their profits to environmental charities too.

14. Compostable Party Plates

There’s no doubt that celebrations, events, school lunches, and parties are neverending things. But at the end of the party, we don’t even know how much of the party waste causes damage to the environment. Whether in the form of one-time using plastic & paper plates or plastic cutlery. But we people can still mend this mistake by switching to compostable party plates.

15. Reusable Lunch Wraps

When it comes to protecting our environment, how can we forget our daily lunch foil wraps? Yes, single-use lunch wraps also cause a lot of waste. And, definitely, this needs to be corrected by switching to reusable lunch wraps. The “Reusable Lunch Wrap” by Onya is best for you as they are made from recycled PET bottles. Using these reusable lunch wraps performs its best to remove plastic pollution on a major level. 

Sixth: Eco-Friendly Home Items

Eco-friendly home items are next on the list of best eco-friendly products to use in 2023. In order to know what these eco friendly products for our home are, let’s get started:

16. Certified Compostable Bin Liners

Everyday garbage dumping in non-biodegradable disposable bags creates a lot of waste, resulting in environmental pollution. But disposable bags by Onya bin liners are the ones that are certified compostable in several countries. And these are Europe, Australia, USA & Japan, which say they don’t carry any microplastic residues affecting the soil. Moreover, the compostable bin liners by “Onya ” are available in 4 sizes such as 8L, 36L, 30L, and 60L. Plus, Onya made these compostable bins from 100% GMO-free renewable plants. That approves it as an eco-friendly product containing no plastic additives, such as Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, and PVC.

17. Recycled Sari Table Linen Collection

The brand “VivaTerra” creates a handmade collection of table linen in India by artisans. Those work to collect pieces of vintage carefully and upcycled fabrics to create elaborate patterns and colors. You will find every single one different from the others as they are completely hand sewn from the leftover scraps. Surprisingly, these scraps are taken during the process of hand-making Indian saris.

18. Eco Touch Screen Computer

Have you ever heard about eco touch screen computers? If not yet, then surprisingly, it exists as another unique eco-friendly product. Because the brand “Iameco” manufactures are famous for making these cool environmentally friendly gadgets. More precisely, its touch screen computer has a carbon footprint, which you will find 70% lower than your personal PC. Moreover, don’t worry; you can blindly trust its quality as it is the first ever computer that won the certification by EU Eco Flower.

Seventh: Sustainable Clothing and Shoes

Sustainable Clothing and Shoes

Every person can contribute by buying and wearing clothes made of non-plastic products such as nylon, polyester, and acrylic. If you don’t know, most of the upcoming new fabrics are made of plastic, which is available up to 64%. Moreover, switching to sustainable clothing and shoes will help you avoid products that are made up of virgin plastic or inorganic material. And it even helps in providing assistance to those who work at landfills to divert plastic waste. 

19. Natural and Recycled Rubber Thongs

The nineteen we have on the list is “Etiko‘s Vegan Flip Flops.” These “Vegan Flip Flops” even indulge in some good deeds, providing 10% of their proceeds directly to Animals Australia.

They believe in keeping their trade style fair with the blend of certified natural and recycled rubber. More precisely, “Etiko Flip Flops” is part of the Etiko Take Back Program. Under the influence of this program, they return all footwear to them. So they can be recycled with the help of the Melbourne-based Save Our Soles initiative.

20. Clothes Made From Recycled Fabric

Lastly, the eco friendly products subject focuses on “Recover Brands” that produce clothing made of recycled fabric material. Moreover, it is known to be one of the most useful environmentally sustainable manufacturing methods. Following this method helps eliminate the usage of dyes and heavy chemicals. 


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